Tuesday, 20 June 2017


All right, this is not cool at all. A survey by Nielsen revealed that Indian women are the most stressed out in the world: 87 percent of our women feel stressed most of the time. This statistic alone caused me to stress out . Even in workaholic America, only 53 percent women feel stressed.     What are we doing to our women? I may be biased, but Indian women are the most beautiful in the world. As mothers, sisters, daughters, colleagues, wives and girlfriends, we love them. Can you imagine life without these ladies? It would be a universe full of messy, aggressive and egomaniacal males running the world , trying to outdo each other for no particular reason. There would be body odour, socks on the floor and nothing in the fridge to eat. The entertainment industry would die. Who wants to watch movies without actresses?    kids would be neglected and turn unto drug addiction or psychopaths by age ten. Soon, male world leaders would lose their tempers at the slightest provocation and bomb the guts out of each other’s countries. In short, without women and their sanity, the world would perish.     Yet, look at how we Indians, a land of spiritual people, treat them. At an extreme, we abort girls before they are born, neglect their upbringing, torture them, molest them, sell them, rape them and honour-kill them. Of course, these criminal acts are performed by a tiny minority.     However, a majority of us are involved in lesser crimes. We judge our women, expect too much of them, don’t give them space and suffocate their individuality. Imagine, if you did this to men–wouldn’t they get stressed out?     At a broader level, this isn’t just about our women. We Indians have a habit of exploiting anyone without power. As a flip side, we are suckers for anyone with power. We look up to corrupt politicians, keep voting them back and feel they are entitled to loot us silly, just because they are in power. In fact, we love power so much that when power comes to a woman, we automatically begin to regard her well, too. Goddesses, female politicians, senior mothers in  a  household with a firm grip on family power –they all get our respect. Anyone else doesn’t.